Beautiful world where are you?

Ask yourself

What is beautiful and does this exist?

Is there a beautiful world or not?

What does ‘beautiful’ mean to you…?

Think about that

One of the reasons the internet has grown so far is that it is a no man’s land where porn can be freely exchanged. A side effect of the porn industry is the imbalance in power between men and women. Abuse, power over women and inequality. It is the female-unfriendly aspect that I have highlighted and portrayed.

Starting point

First I started making a mind-map from a broad perspective. Eventually I came to the context:


I tried to translate the concept of power in all sorts of ways, both on paper and in 3D creations.

Puppets on a string?


Caught in the porn industry

Why do women go to work in a female-unfriendly sector like the porn industry? Aren’t they being abused, treated unequally and disrespectfully, raped, underpaid? Are men and women both victims?