Here too, I started making a mind-map in which various aspects were addressed. Like traces in nature; plant-animal-viruses, but also climate, internet and culture. Also the traces of force, abuse and domestic violence I tried to work out using 3D and drawings.

My first association with Traces was nature; plants, animals, insect plague, bacteria and viruses.

Right of the strongest.

Damage control.

Survival = preservation of species = mutate

Order-structure / Disorder-infringement-chaos / Reset-recovery-restructuring / Traces-scars

After that my association continued with climate and environmental pollution, here-and-now, internet and traces of (domestic) violence and abuse.

Hiding what happend

The shame

The Agressor and its pattern

The Agression

Agressor’s result

The Pattern – the Fear –
the Pain chain

Chain of physical abuse