I have tried to portray my MeToo experience through art. It has become a very personal interpretation in which I have tried not to avoid any kind of memory or emotion. I was 10 years old.

1 out of 2

From different disciplines (architecture, painting, visual arts) I selected specific characteristics of a certain piece of art and converted it into a new image.

Beautiful world where are you?

Ask yourself:
‘What is beautiful and does this exist’?
‘Is there a beautiful world or not?’?
What does ‘beautiful’ means to you…

Think about that.

First I started making a mind-map from a broad perspective. Eventually I came to the context; Power.

I tried to translate the concept of power in all sorts of ways, both on paper and in 3D creations.


The starting point was an existing spatial image or object. I demolished  it and a new image was created. I took it apart again; new image. I added something to it or changed its colour: again a new image. In other words: Construction-Deconstruction.

I have documented this process step by step so that it becomes clear that all the works have something to do with each other.


Here, too, I started making a mind-map in which various aspects were addressed. Like traces in nature; plant-animal-viruses, but also climate, internet and culture. Also the traces of force, abuse and domestic violence I tried to work out using 3D and drawings.